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December 2013

Gated Entry To Vaughn Lot
Entry into the Vaughn Lot from the roundabout is only open for the morning rush hour.  As a reminder, only PERMIT HOLDERS can use this entrance.  The gate will be closed by mid-morning each day.  This access can NOT be used as an exit at ANY TIME.  The gate will re-open at 5 am each work day.  Those paying for daily parking must continue to use the Vaughn Drive entrance.

The expanded Vaughn Lot is opening on December 1, 2013. 
Daily commuters can only use the current Vaughn Drive entrance to the Vaughn Drive Lot.  All commuters from Route 1 must turn left onto Vaughn Drive and enter the lot from the Vaughn Drive entrance.

Permit holder commuters approaching from the Alexander Roundabout can enter the Vaughn Drive lot from the Alexander Road entrance.

Daily pay parkers from the Alexander Roundabout must turn right at the light onto Vaughn Drive and use the Vaughn Drive entrance.

Vaughn Drive is the only EXIT from the lot.  You cannot exit directly onto Alexander Road.  Please exit via Vaughn Drive.

October 2013

600 New Commuter Parking Spaces Set to Open by December 1st.

West Windsor, N. J. -- Township residents and other commuters will soon find 600 new parking spaces developed on Alexander Road as an extension of the Vaughn Drive commuter parking lot. The new lot will provide added accessibility to mass transit at the Princeton Junction at West Windsor rail station which is the fourth busiest commuter station in New Jersey.

The project is a result of the joint efforts of West Windsor Township and the West
Windsor Parking Authority. This additional parking will erase long standing waitlists, provide reasonably priced parking permits for Township residents, and reduce wait time for new applicants to a reasonably predictable period of less than one year.

The project provides for much more than additional parking. As approved by the NJ
Department of Environmental Protection, the paved parking lot actually is a " cap" providing remediation of the former compost site on which it is located. Remarkably, this remediation has been done at no cost to the Township. In fact, the Parking Authority is leasing the project site from the Township for a minimum ground lease rent of $50,000 per year plus a potential share of net positive cash flow that will actually help to offset other Township expenses.

Mayor Shing- Fu Hsueh stated, " This project takes unproductive Township property and remediates it for beneficial use. It provides revenue to both the Parking Authority and the Township and more parking for West Windsor residents." Andy Lupo, Chair of the West Windsor Parking Authority added, " The property presented a perfect extension of parking for commuters. It was a good partnership.

The Parking Authority will be issuing permit invitations to Township residents on waitlists. Questions concerning parking opportunities should be directed to the West Windsor Parking Authority at either or 609-799- 3130.


Bicycle Registration now available with WWBPA and the WW Police

Do you bike in West Windsor? Want to prevent your bicycle from being stolen, especially at the train station and other public parking locations? Want to increase the chance of recovering your bike if it is stolen? Consider participating in the free bicycle registration program being offered by WWBPA and the West Windsor Police Department.

WWBPA and WWPD are launching the free program this month as a service to everyone who bikes in West Windsor. It’s similar to the program offered at Princeton University for riders on campus and commuters at the Princeton Dinky Station.  For more information please go to or

October 2012

Important Notice For Permit Holders

West Windsor now uses License Plate Recognition ("LPR") technology to scan license plates as part of its daily enforcement routine.  Do your part to avoid a ticket.
  • Permit holders must maintain their plates and replace plates that are bent, scratched or otherwise no longer "reflective".
  • Keep your plates unobstructed by trailer hitches, EZ Pass holders, affiliation symbols and decorations.
  • For vehicles not bearing front plates, be certain not to pull through a row when parking; plates must face the drive aisle adjacent to the parking space.

August 2012

Parking Permit Payment Reminder...
Permit holders are responsible to pay on-line or ensure that full payment for the coming quarter is received by the Authority no later than the 15th of the month prior to the new quarter.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday, please ensure the payment is received in the Parking Authority Office prior to the 15th to avoid a late fee.

Thank you.

January 2012

PERMIT HOLDERS MUST KEEP LICENSE PLATE INFO CURRENT OR RISK GETTING A TICKET... Enforcement procedures check license plates against permit numbers.

Whether its a new car, a loaner, a rental or a company car, and even if its just for one day, permit holders are responsible to make sure that all license plates used under a permit are properly registered with the West Windsor Parking Authority. It is not enough to merely display a permit; a parked vehicle bearing a license plate that is not properly registered under that permit will be ticketed without warning.

Detailed instructions are provided within this website, and further assistance may be obtained by contacting the West Windsor Parking Authority at 609-799-3130.

April 2011

Rideshare spaces are available at the Princeton Jct. Train Station and permit holders are assigned a specific numbered parking space within the rideshare parking permit area. You must have at least two (2) occupants every time you arrive at the lot. For further information and to request a spot please contact us at 609-799-3130.

January 2011


Effective for Payments Due on or after January 15, 2011

In response to recent customer requests, the Authority has modified its policies to avoid penalizing permit customers with the hardships of suspension and/or termination of permit privileges in the event of late payments.

Every permit holder remains responsible to ensure receipt by the Authority of a permit payment by the due date. Late payments will continue to result in a schedule of late fees that have been changed as follows. Payment of the applicable late fee (now the same for all permit categories) shall be required to maintain uninterrupted permit parking privileges, meaning that the new permit may not be issued until the applicable late fee is received by the Authority.

First Offense: $50      Subsequent Offenses: $100

A “Subsequent Offense” is defined as any event of late payment occurring within three (3) years of a previous event of late payment.

As a result of these changes, second offenders will no longer be subject to a three (3) month suspension of permit parking privileges and third offenders will no longer be dropped from the permit parking program (which heretofore required returning to the bottom of the wait list).

The primary mission of the West Windsor Parking Authority is to provide safe, reliable, and convenient parking, with a staff dedicated to customer needs and committed to excellence.